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Active holidays indoor and outdoor
View to the Brocken - Impressions of a special kind

View to the Brocken - Impressions of a special kind

Guests spending their vacations in our holiday park "Zum Wildbach" can choose: You can find calmness and recovering and use the suitable proposals to relax and chill out or you decide for complete fitness holidays with all offers.

Starting with our large range of fitness possibilities to then nearly endless number of chances in and around Schierke. Schierke is an attractive place for winter sports and summer recovering, which even wants to be host to the olympic winter games.

Experiences cool & hot

The winter belongs to Schierke. With its whole variety . One of Germany's most modern cross country ski runs invites to skiing in and around Schierke in winter. In the natural ice stadium, in the valley of the “Kalte Bode”, there is high season in winter. Prepared alpine ski hills in Schierke and Braunlage just wait for you to ski down. If someone got surprised by the sudden winter, we offer a large range of products and services, for example sledges, snowboards or complete ski equipment to rent.

But also in the snowless months our guests can enjoy our walking services for their own Harz-adventure. Mountainbikes, walking sticks, rucksacks, lunch packages and much more are offered. If that is not enough the possibilities in Schierke and its surroundings can also be visited , for example the summer toboggan-run. Or you explore sights by walking, which are too numerous to be named all in here. So just a few examples: Take a walk on the Feuersteinklippe, which is, by the name, responsable for the name of "Schierker Feuerstein", a tastefully and healthy herbal liqueur (you have to try it when staying here). Or you hike to the Wurmberg, but don’t forget the right shoes. With 130 km well signed ways on 22 official routes there will be a suitable tour for you. To the famous "Father Brocken" your walking trip will take 2 hours. But you can also conquer the mountain by the Brockenbahn which has a train station in Schierke. But what way ever - the Brocken is worth a visit!

This bank is waiting for you.

This bank is waiting for you.

Amazing from top to bottom
historical town hall of Wernigerode

historical town hall of Wernigerode

All sights of Schierke can easily be reached from our holiday park, for example the health park of the village. This well cared area is especially fascinating in summer and autumn. Other attractions of Schierke are the famous "Walpurgis"(30.04./01.05.), a big festival with devils and witches, and the "Schierker Kuhball" taking place in September every year. A special advise is to visit the near restaurant "Zur Klippe"(20 metres away). An enticing menu is waiting for you and helps you to end the days full of experiences in a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Destinations for a day trip are Braunlage with its indoor swimming pool, the forest of fairytales in Bad Harzburg, the stalactite caves in Rübeland, the cathedral of Halberstadt, Wernigerode and its historical old part of town and the famous coloured town hall or for water freaks the swimming pool in Bad Sachsa. This is just a short impression. The high Harz mountains can be explored by the Harzquerbahn meeting the Brockenbahn in Drei-Annen-Hohne.

Arrive and be spoiled

If you come from Magdeburg you should use the B6 until Wernigerode and then to Schierke through Drei-Annen-Hohne.

Travellers from direction Goslar/Braunlage please use the B27 up to Elend and then drive to Schierke. In the month of autumn and winter please don't forget the winter equipment for your car. In our holiday park are 9 new hotel-owned parking spaces for you to use. For travellers by bus and train there is a shuttle-pick-up service. Just call.

Anfahrt Zum Wildbach

Directions to resort

We would like to thank you for your attention and are looking forwards to giving you a warm welcome. von Herzen

Yours Familie Michael

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