4 Sterne Holiday park Zum Wildbach Schierke
Familie Marius & Daniela Michael • Barenberg 15f • 38879 Schierke • Tel. (03 94 55) 58 99 70 • info@zum-wildbach.de
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'Wellness Week for You'.

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Comfort and convenience
Holiday park Zum Wildbach Schierke at the harz mountains

Look at the apartments “Kirchblick”.

5 holiday flats are on your choice. With living areas between 40 and 55 sqm there will be enough space for up to 4 guests.

Our flat "Panorama", with view from the Barenberg down to the Bodetal, even offers the possibility for 6 persons to stay overnight.

All what is seeked by heart

The bedrooms are featured with double beds. According to this there is an additional twin day-bed in the living room.

In the flats TV set, radio, a kitchenette with convenient dinette are installed same like douche/WC and on your wishes,balcony or terrace.

In addition we are able to offer 4 double bed rooms with one twin bed, a comfortable lounge, TV set, radio, douche, WC and balcony.

Our rooms are arranged stylish, tastefully and with much love for details.

Good hunger.

Good hunger.

Holiday park Zum Wildbach Appartment Krichblick relaxed sleep

Relaxed sleep

Holiday park Zum Wildbach Appartment Krichblick live comfortably

live comfortably

Holiday park Zum Wildbach Appartment Krichblick wohlfühlen

feel good

Cosmetic Treatments
Unsere Preise für Appartments/double rooms:
Do it for themselves. You deserve it.
Periods 01.03.-28.04.
01.06. -30.06. 21.12.-28.02.
Appartments “Kirchblick” (4), 64 qm ab 35,00 € ab 50,00 € ab 45,00 € ab 55,00 €
Appartment 'Panorama' (1), 55qm ab 35,00 € ab 50,00 € ab 45,00 € ab 55,00 €
Small Appartments (4), 40qm ab 35,00 € ab 45,00 € ab 40,00 € ab 50,00 €
double rooms (4), 25qm,
Inkl. Breakfast f. 2 guests
ab 45,00 € ab 50,00 € ab 48,00 € ab 50,00 €

All prices for one overnight stay

The price includes all charges, bed linen, towels and cleaning.

These prices are not valid on holidays. Please als for prices for holidays.

Take a look at our Terms

Our service prices
Please aks for special wishes
Halfboard* with breakfast and dinner per person (from Dec 06)NEW 16,50 €
Halfboard* for children from 5-10 years 8,25 €
Halfboard* for children under 5 years free
* Half board is available in our restaurant "Zut Klippe" Except Wednesday (day off).
Strong Breakfast (1 Adult) 6,00 €
Middle Breakfast (for children from 5-10 years) 3,00 €
Smalls Breakfast (for children under 5 years) frei
For breakfast in bed, we offer a personalized service rolls.
Use of sauna / person 6,00 €
Rental sled / day 3,00 €
Rental skis + boots + ski poles / day 10,00 €
Mountain bike hire / day 10,00 €
Our prices for wellness and beauty services:
Medical Massage & body treatments. There is something for everyone.
Cosmetic Treatments
Full body exfoliation ca. 20 Min. 25,00 €
Aroma oil - Relaxing - Massage
Neck massage ca. 15 Min. 12,50 €
Back massage ca. 25 Min. 25,00 €
Full Body Massage ca. 50 Min. 45,00 €
Foot massage bath ca. 30 Min. 15,00 €
Hand massage with hand pack ca. 30 Min. 15,00 €
Whole-body-brush massage ca. 20 Min. 20,00 €
Manicure ca. 45 Min. 21,00 €
Pedicure ca. 45 Min. 21,00 €
Facial Treatments
Complete Facial Treatment ca. 90 Min. 39,00 €
Facial deep cleansing, exfoliation, vapor deposition of the skin, removing skin blemishes, pluck eyebrows in shape, incorporating a drug ampoule, face, neck and Dekolletemassage, a nourishing mask, day cream and a day make-up.

Facial Treatment Part ca. 60 Min. 28,00 €
Deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage, mask, day cream and a make-up.

Cosmetics to get to know ca. 45 Min. 19,00 €
Facial cleansing and exfoliation, facial massage or facial mask (depending on skin type).

Cosmetics for Him ca. 60 Min. 28,00 €
Deep cleansing and exfoliation. Incorporation of a drug ampoule, massage, mask and day cream.

Exclusive Beauty Treatments
Collagen treatment 55,00 €
Caviar Treatment ca. 90 Min 55,00 €
Treat yourself to a beauty highlight of the extra class. Effect and pure luxury! Immediately traces of time are mitigated, the skin is soaked and intensely punished.

Green Tea Treatment 55,00 €
Sensitive skin care, harmony felt. Green tea supports the skin renewal process that gives the skin softness and smoothness, is light-related aging of the skin and calm irritation.

Thalasso-Spa Face ca. 90 Min. 45,00 €
Seawater Quality Care support the moisture retention and elasticity of the skin condition. The result is a brighter, smoother complexion.

Thalasso Spa Body ca. 75 Min. 45,00 €
The Thalasso treatment has a simulated effect, is rich in vitamins and iodine, increases metabolism and has a relaxing, toning effect on the tissue. The skin with a brush massage optimally prepared.

Silt-Body Treatment ca. 75 Min. 45,00 €
Schlick promotes blood circulation and relaxing effect on muscles, filling the tissue and has a high concentration of sea salt, calcium and magnesium. The skin comes with a brush massage optimally prepared to treatment.

Thalasso Beauty Program ca. 90 Min. 69,00 €
At the start of sea salt foot and a relaxing soft massage tense shoulder and neck muscles. After cleansing with a facial scrub. Then use a Ayuveda harmony facial massage. During the break mask foot massage brings a new energy.

Hot Stone Massage (face and body) ca. 90 Min. 79,00 €
Wellness impact goes under the skin. Enjoy first class relaxation and holistic care. Treat yourself to a soothing body massage with warm stones and aromatic oils spoil. Enjoy this unique pampering treatment that maintains your skin and gently caress your soul.

Hot Stone Back Massage ca. 40 Min. 35,00 €
MORE pampering treatments
Pedicure without varnish   21,00 €
Manicure without varnish   21,00 €
Eyelash tint 6,00 €
Eyebrow tint 4,00 €
Combination 8,00 €

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please note our Terms
We would like to thank you for your attention and are looking forwards to giving you a warm welcome. von Herzen

Yours Familie Michael

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